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Documents Required

  • Please carefully read the requisite documents that you need to submit together with your visa application. Ensure that you have all the documents indicated in the list, as lack of one or more documents can result in a visa denial.
  • Applicants are strongly advised to submit originals and photocopies of their own supporting documents.
  • Documents submitted in photocopies only will not be considered in view of the visa evaluation.
  • Applicants should be aware that submission of photocopies only might lead to a visa denial.
  • If for some special reason a certain document cannot be provided in original and photocopy, the applicant or the Nigerian sponsoring company should indicate these reasons in an official letter.
  • The only documents that can be submitted in photocopy are the identity card and the passport of the Italian sponsor signing the letter of invitation.
  • Furthermore, all adult applicants should always submit their own personal bank statements, irrespectively of the scope of trip (business or tourism).Applicants are strongly advised to do so as without the personal bank statements there could be no correct evalutation of the application and this might lead to a visa denial.
  • In case of applicants owner of small businesses, if for some reason they have only their company’s bank statement, an original letter of the bank stating that the applicant is the sole signatory of the account should be submitted.
  • Applicants please be informed that Italian consulate would require a minimum of three (3) consecutive empty pages in your passport in order to issue a visa STICKER on your passport.
  • Applicants can simply walk in without prior appointment to any of our VFS centers in Lagos or Abuja. . Abuja submission timings are 8a.m to 3p.m Monday –to- Friday and Lagos submission timings are 8a.m to 1p.m Monday –to- Friday.

(12 Walter  Carrington Crescent V.I. Lagos)
From 10.00 A.M. to 01.00 P.M.

(Valid as of 1 May 2014)

  • The “Nulla Osta” for FAMILY REUNION and WORK PERMIT are valid for SIX MONTHS from the date of issuance.

  • All the documents pertaining to the applicant
    • birth certificate;
    • attestation of age;
    • marriage certificate;
    • parental (Biological father or mother) authorization to travel or full custody of the mother/father issued by the high court
    • family status, must include: surname, name(s), date of birth, address, country of residence of all children

    MUST be duly LEGALIZED by the Nigerian Ministry of External Affairs in Abuja and translated in italian. The validity of these documents is ONE YEAR only from the date of legalization.

    • The certificates (STATO DI FAMIGLIA; CERTIFICATO DI RESIDENZA; etc, etc.) issued in Italy by the Italian Registrars (COMUNE) must be in original and they are valid for ONE YEAR only.

    • Applicants for work permit visa, with a valid passport, MUST submit a photocopy of the passport used by the Italian employer to obtain the Nulla Osta. Moreover, if the old passport is reported lost/stolen, a photocopy of the passport should be accompanied by the Police Report pertaining to its loss/theft.

    Types of Visa & Documents required



    The visa is issued to traders and businessmen/women or highly skilled professionals (engineers, lawyers, medical doctors, and so on) who wish to go to Italy for reasons related to their profession. It's a Schengen visa (type "C") - Maximum stay: 90


    The visa is issued to people who wish to visit Italy for tourist purposes. It's a Schengen visa (type "C") - Maximum stay: 90 days per semester.

    FAMILY REUNION VISAS (Foreign citizen with foreign citizen)

    Please ensure the following documents are in place while submitting the application for family Re-union or Work Permit visa.

    • Validity of passports should be 18 months from the day of application and this is a must.
    • All originals should be legalized and having subsequent photocopies.
    • Without legalization, application will not be accepted.
    • This is applicable for all applicants applying under the categories of Family Re-Union and Work permit, irrespective of citizen.

    Family reunion visas are visas intended to reunite family members. It's a National visa (IMMIGRANT VISA) type "D" and the Length of stay is between 91 and 365 days - Applicants who will be considered as family members are

    • the lawful spouse married under civil law (religious marriages, of any kind, and polygamy are not recognized by the Italian laws),
    • the children under 21 years (or economically at charge). In case of adopted children, they must have been lawfully adopted in accordance with the laws of Nigeria;
    • the mother and father.
      There are two types of family reunion visas:
    • the first one concerns the family members wishing to join the spouse/parents/children that are lawfully residing in Italy;
    • the second one concerns the family members who wish to settle in Italy at the same time of their family member who is going to obtain an authorization to work or study in Italy.

    In both cases, the family reunion visas must be duly authorized through the so-called "NULLA OSTA" (No objection certificate issued by the "Sportello Unico per l'Immigrazione" - Immigration Office in Italy). In this authorization are listed the family members who may apply for this visa. It has to be noted that being listed in this authorization does not implies the visa would be directly issued. In fact, the family members have to provide documentary evidence about the family ties and they can submit their visa application only after that their marriage certificate, birth certificates, and others certificates have been duly verified and legalized by the Legalization Section of the Consulate General of Italy, lagos.


    This visa is granted to:

    • the spouse of an Italian citizen;
    • the children of the spouse of the Italian citizen (under 21 or economically at the charge);
    • the mother and father of the spouse of an Italian citizen.

    These provisions apply as well to the citizens of the European Union (E.U.) and Economic European Space (SEE) lawfully residing in Italy. Other family members, like brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins are not entitled to this type of visa. It's a National visa (IMMIGRANT VISA) type "D" - and the length of stay can be between 91 and 365 days


    The visa for independent work is issued to people who wish to carry on a professional and independent activity (as industrialist, trader or craftsman) or to establish a company or take shares in a company.Applicants of this type of visa have to obtain the authorization "NULLA OSTA" from the Italian Police ("Questura") as well as other specific authorizations in accordance with the type of activity sought, and they have to provide proof of previous businesses and of an income of at least 8.400 €uro during previous fiscal year. It is a Schengen visa (type "C") for stays up to 90 day or national visa (type "D") for stays from 91 to 365 days.


    All work visas are subject to prior authorizations "NULLA OSTA" form the Italian Immigration Office (Sportello Unico per l'Immigrazione) or "Dichiarazione nominativa di assenso" issued by Italian National Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.) for athletes or the specific Employment Office (for artists). It's a Schengen visa (type "C") for stays up to 90 day.


    The visa is issued to patients who need to undergo specific medical treatments in Italy (but not single medical consultations). It's a Schengen visa (type "C"): maximum stay 90 days per semester


    This visa is issued to priests, nuns, ministers of religion belonging to denominational confessional or other confessions recognized by the Italian Ministry of Interior. It's a Schengen visa (type "C") for stays up to 90 day.


    People lawfully residing in Italy, having lost their residence permit and/or passport in Nigeria, can apply for this visa enabling them to return to Italy. All the applicants of this type of visa can be called for an interviewed at the Consulate General after the submission of documents. Re-entry visa can be issued ONLY after authorization from the competent "Questura" (Police Headquarters) in Italy. It's a National visa (type D) - Single entry.


    This visa can be issued to foreigners invited by Italian Public Agencies, Institutions, Organizations (public or private but reputable and well-known) to participate in a special public event (political, cultural or scientific conferences). All the costs related to the stay will have to be born by the inviting party. It's a Schengen visa (type "C") -Maximum length of stay: 90 days


    The visa is issued to sportspeople (athletes and trainers) invited to participate in sport competitions (both professionals and amateurs).The issuance of this visa must be requested by the interested Italian Federation and duly authorized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.). This written authorization must be sent directly by C.O.N.I. to the Italian Consulate General.


    This visa is issued for journeys of members of official delegations who - following an official invitation addressed to the Nigerian Government by the Italian Government, Governmental Agencies or State owned organizations - are to participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programmes, as well as in specific events held in Italy.


    Applicants applying for all Multiple Entry Schengen Visas, irrespective of the validity, will also have to provide a written guarantee that they will cover all successive trips with an International Health Insurance valid for the intended period of travel. Please click on the hyperlink to download the form.


    Students wishing to continue their studies at Italian Universities or to follow other long-term studies (beyond high school) are kindly requested to write to the following e-mail addresses:

    It has to be noted that no visa can be granted to students wishing to learn the Italian language, since the knowledge of the Italian language is one of the requisite condition to be enrolled in Italian Universities and other academic institutions.